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Regional cuisine

Let the whole Avesnois region delight your taste buds, with its diversity of local products, drinks, cheeses, local dishes and dairy produce. There are lots of restaurants to try!

Several restaurateurs have joined the Regional Natural Park of Avesnois to form the "Restaurateurs de l'Avesnois®" network. Proud of the culinary identity of our land, the chefs involved are passionate about transforming the excellent local produce into original and traditional dishes overflowing with flavour.

Each network member invites you to enjoy an "Assiette de l'Avesnois®" (Avesnes Dish) as a main course, with a strong regional identity, and including at least two products sourced directly from the Avesnois Regional Natural Park itself.


For a list of member restaurants of the network, click here

In the heart of a Regional Nature Park

Meadows and hedgerows, deciduous forests and flowering orchards, mills on the banks of meandering rivers, bluestone wayside chapels, bandstands and dancing in the villages... all go to make the Avesnois Regional Park a unique and exceptional place.
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