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Maroilles, the village, and the cheese

The "finest of the strong cheeses"

The most famous product of the Avesnois region is undoubtedly Maoilles - a fine, soft cow's milk cheese with a washed rind and a rich orange colour.

Legend attributes its origins to the Benedictine Abbey of Maroilles, of which only a few parts remain, including the Grange Dîmière, the current home of the Avesnois Regional Natural Park administrative centre. Since Maroilles acquired its AOC credentials, it can only be manufactured, and the milk collected, in the Thiérache area, which stretches from the south of the Avesnes district to the north of Vervins, in the Aisne department.

This area is ideally suited to the production of quality cheese — a west wind, lots of moisture and an impermeable soil yielding beautiful grassland. The many products of the territory provide ingredients for some delicious dishes, and are perfect for the keen amateur cook to be inventive and creative with!

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